Tolo's book launch is this Wednesday!

My good friend Tololwa M. Mollel has a book launch in Toronto, Wednesday April 2nd! Hope to see you there!

Please spread the word. 


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When baby Samson falls gravely ill and nothing can make him well, his parents take the advice of a healer and appeal to the ancestors for help in a special ceremony with much music. Strange guests from lands of the night attend the inviting ceremony. Guests include the ancestors, as  expected, but also unexpected ones -- angels, and the most surprising one – Mola (God).


Toronto Book Launch Venue:                        A Different BookList, 746 Bathurst Street

Toronto Book Launch Date:                          Wednesday, April 2, 2014; at 6:30 pm


A bit of reading, a bit of storytelling, a bit of song, and a bit of talk including Q and A

Light refreshments provided. 


Please see a review of the book.